Impact Investments

bettervest is an online platform for impact investments. Finance sustainable projects that benefit both people and planet.

[nz_icon_list]High social and ecological impact
Average interest rate of 7 %
Investments starting at 50 €[/nz_icon_list]
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Invest in a future worth living

Our sustainable bonds and subordinate loans have a positive and lasting impact while offering attractive rates of return. Invest today and shape the world of tomorrow!

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What our investors say...

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important to private and institutional investors alike. Find out why our investors made the switch to impact investments!

[nz_testimonials columns=”3″ autoplay=”true”][nz_testimonial name=”Dario Benedikt H. – 750 €” title=”Clean cookstoves and solar power for families in Kenya – Part 2″]A win-win-win situation for our climate, our wallets and the local people. It doesn’t get much better than this. :-)[/nz_testimonial][nz_testimonial name=”Anonymous – 300 €” title=”Solar mini-grid in Befandriana, Madagascar”]Great project! With this kind of investment, my money has a real impact. No need to support destructive stock-listed corporations to generate returns.[/nz_testimonial][nz_testimonial name=”Katja R. – 2.000 €” title=”Biological wastewater treatment in Kenya – Ecocycle”]Raising awareness for environmental protection and earning money in the process… a win-win situation. Thank you![/nz_testimonial][nz_testimonial name=”Siegfried B. – 10.000 €” title=”Development of a sustainable biomass cogeneration plant in Cuba”]My contribution to climate protection.[/nz_testimonial][nz_testimonial name=”Dr. Manfred F. – 500 €” title=”80 solar-hubs for urban digitalisation in Rwanda – ARED”]This is my fourth solar investment in Africa. I have confidence in bettervest.[/nz_testimonial][nz_testimonial name=”Tim S. – 500 €” title=”Solar micro-grids for off-grid communities in Uttar Pradesh, India”]My personal favourite when it comes to CO2 reduction/€.[/nz_testimonial][nz_testimonial name=”Tobias R. – 1.000 €” title=”Refinancing of two solar powerplants in Ruiru and Naivasha, Kenya”]Knowing the project has already been implemented is a great asset![/nz_testimonial][nz_testimonial name=”Bernhard S. – 500 €” title=”Energetic restoration of two residential buildings in Thuringia”]Just stocked up my investment. Socially, ecologically and financially convincing![/nz_testimonial][nz_testimonial name=”Dirk S. – 250 €” title=”Megawatt on-grid solar power plant in Egypt”]Money donated never returns, this kind of investment does – and with a big impact.[/nz_testimonial][nz_testimonial name=”Maurice F. – 1.000 €” title=”Solar power for rural electrification in Namibia – Olusheno – Part 4″]Keep it up, folks. I’m glad things are going so well. Stay with bettervest and we will continue to invest together.[/nz_testimonial][nz_testimonial name=”Gregor S. – 10.000 €” title=”Solar mini-grid in Tanandava, Madagascar”]The concept is great – good luck![/nz_testimonial][/nz_testimonials]