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Make the world a little better together and profit from it.

Finding friends, family and acquaintances for bettervest is worthwhile for everyone! You will receive a credit of 2% on the investment amount of your next investment. The credit is granted per recruited person. Since we can only change the world together, your contact will also receive a credit of 3% on the initial investment! Thus, you will not only receive an attractive compensation for your support, but you will actively help to grow the network of Impact-Investors and enable even more positive impact in the world.




Copy your personal coupon code and send it to your contacts. You must be logged in to bettervest.com to see the coupon code.

Coupon code: 

Your contact redeems the voucher during his/her first investment on bettervest.com. The voucher code will be requested at the end of the investment process. Benefit: Your contact will also receive a credit of 3% of the investment amount on the first investment!

Once your contact’s investment is complete, you will receive an email with a coupon code for your next investment. The voucher grants you a credit in the amount of 2% of the investment amount.

Please note the conditions of participation.

  • The voucher will be sent to you after the 14-day non-refundable period of the investment of your contact.  
  • The voucher you receive for referring can only be redeemed once and is personal, i.e. only you can use it. The voucher is valid for one year from the date of delivery.
  • Your referred contact must be new to bettervest.com. If there are already investments, the voucher code is unfortunately not valid.
  • The vouchers cannot be combined with other voucher promotions.
  • Commercial referrals, self-promotion and multiple promotions are excluded. 

Give sustainability.

Give away sustainable investment – a particularly effective gift.

Instead of the obligatory envelope or savings account, give a very special gift: the contribution to the implementation of an effective and sustainable project and at the same time a profitable investment with a high return. And this is how giving sustainability works:

1. you choose the project whose investment you want to give away and invest the desired amount.

2. then download the following two PDF documents, in which you please enter the data of the presentee(s) with the TA-No. of the corresponding project, and then send them to mail@bettervest.com:

If you do not have the information for the Account Data Change Form yet, you can submit it later. If you have problems with the PDF format, you can also send us a screenshot of the document.

3. you will then receive the gift certificate from us via e-mail within a few hours and give the recipient a special treat. The recipient will then receive the repayment including the interest.

Whether Christmas, birthday, graduation or wedding – with this gift you give capital and at the same time a contribution with high positive impact on people and planet.

Your gift certificate could look like this:

Such a gift is also great for children and young people.

Especially nowadays, many young people are interested in actively making a sustainable contribution and getting involved in environmental protection at an early age. In the process, you will also be introduced to dealing with sensible investments and not just receive a “boring” savings account.

So go ahead, get your special gift now and make the recipient’s heart beat faster by enabling him/her to make a financial investment with a contribution to one of our high-impact heart projects.

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