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Denys stellt sich vor (auf Englisch)

Hello everyone! My name is Denys and unfortunately my German is not so good yet, so I guess I have to introduce myself in english. So sorry about that ­čÖé

Inspired by examples of countries such as Costa Rika, Albania, Paraguay, and Iceland which run on 100% renewable electricity, and by successes of Solar city and Tesla motors, I have started sharing the belief of bettervest, the company which moves the market of efficiently usable and green energy. So I decided to do my best to help them make the world a cleaner place and people happier.

I began my IT education in Ukraine with a major in┬ámathematical informatics. Right now I’m in the middle of my masters┬áof Business Informatics at the University of Mannheim with a specialisation in software design and development and therefore highly interested in process management and web data integration.
For the last few years my interest has focused on financial technologies and so I began┬ámy career in Germany as a software developer for┬áFidor TecS. That’s how I got some insights into┬áthe essentials of banking and the market of financial innovations. To deepen my knowhow and learn even more about the fintech industry I am going to support Evgenij in software development for bettervest. During the next six months┬áof the internship my job here will be about automation of internal business processes as well as information flow automation between bettervest and financial service providers.