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Finance your Sustainable Projects

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Benefit from bettervest's unbureaucratic application process and get the funding you need to implement sustainable projects. Apply for a bond or subordinated loan.

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Your Benefits


A loan tailored to your needs: Drawing on our longstanding expertise in the fields of renewable energy and finance, we work in close collaboration with you to find an optimal financing solution that suits your needs.


Tedious application processes and endless forms? Thanks to bettervest’s lean approval process you will receive a confirmation within 2-3 weeks. Do not waste your precious time. Focus on achieving your business goals instead.

Effective Publicity

Crowdfunding exceeds the bounds of traditional financing. It’s an opportunity to effectively address new customers and appeal to future employees. Position yourself as a truly sustainable company and stand out from your competitors.

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What our customers say about us

[nz_gap height=”50″][nz_testimonials columns=”2″ autoplay=”true” animate=”fade”][nz_testimonial img=”15730″ name=”Thomas Festerling” title=”CFO & Founder, GreenTec Capital GmbH”]bettervest is a respected crowdfunding platform that is closely aligned with our project needs. A successful funding round has enabled us to purchase solar-powered kiosks for the Rwandan and Ugandan market. The platform’s track record gives us full confidence that further GreenTec Capital projects can be successfully financed via this route. [/nz_testimonial][nz_testimonial img=”15734″ name=”Wolfgang Krug” title=”Project Lead, Prolignis Energie Consulting GmbH”]We chose to work with bettervest due to the teams open approach, technical expertise and clear vision. We were impressed by the fact that they very quickly recognised the numerous advantages our project offered all stakeholders and provided us with a very innovative financing instrument.[/nz_testimonial][nz_testimonial img=”15732″ name=”Frédérique Sheridan” title=”CEO, VITALITE Senegal”]Energy is a basic human right that everyone should have access to. Working with bettervest has empowered us to make solar energy affordable for our rural customers.[/nz_testimonial][nz_testimonial img=”1406″ name=”Andreas Cordier” title=”CEO, Andreas Cordier Hotelbetriebsgesellschaft mbH”]Through bettervest we were able to get in contact with trusted energy consultants and contractors with the necessary know-how to implement our project. As a result, we were able to determine the optimal technical solutions to match our needs. Our crowdfunding campaign on bettervest.com enabled us to improve our energy efficiency and transformed us into a sustainable company.[/nz_testimonial][nz_testimonial img=”1407″ name=”Mathias Lehner” title=”CEO, Bodystreet Trainings GmbH”]Efficiency is an essential part of the Bodystreet training program. By working with bettervest we were able to extend the notion of efficiency onto our energy usage. Not only did we reduce our electricity bill, but we were able to share our concept with a new communicty and acquire new customers.[/nz_testimonial][/nz_testimonials][nz_gap height=”50″]

Checklist for your funding proposal


We only finance projects that meet the following conditions. Please base your project application on the criteria below.

[nz_icon_list icon_color=”#777777″]Minimum loan requirement of € 100,000[/nz_icon_list]
[nz_icon_list icon_color=”#777777″]Reduction of harmful emissions or minimising the exploitation of natural resources[/nz_icon_list]
[nz_icon_list icon_color=”#777777″]The project generates income, reduces costs or is a project development.[/nz_icon_list]

Additional Criteria...

  • The project has a payback period of between 1 and 10 years.


  • The borrower is registered in Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Singapore, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal or is willing to establish a subsidiary (SPV) in one of these countries.


  • The company has at least 3 senior executives. Permanent employment is not required but they should be shareholders.


  • The company is at least 3 years old and must be active for at least 1 year with references to show for it.


  • The borrower must provide 10% of the loan volume as equity capital.


  • The borrowers credit rating should not exceed “medium” (for German companies this corresponds with a Creditreform Rating of max. 300).


  • The company must be able to offer investors additional collateral.

Propose a project


Would you like to receive a non-binding consultation and learn about the advantages of financing through bettervest? Contact us and we will get back to you shortly!


    Contact person*
    Email address*
    Phone number
    Address and name of the company to be funded*
    Brief description of the project*
    Estimated funding volume
    Expected revenue / energy savings

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    bettervest hereby commits itself to use this confidential information solely for the purpose of evaluating your project proposal. Information will only be made available to third partiers with your explicit consent.