We want you!

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bettervest is a new, innovative and unbureaucratic way of financing energy efficiency projects. Thanks to the engagement of ordinary citizens, project owners can receive up to 100% of the capital they require to immediately decrease energy consumption, reduce CO2 emissions and save costs.

A portion of these cost savings are used to pay back the subordinated loans over a fixed period of time, until all investors, otherwise known as “the crowd,” have received a full repayment as well as return on their investment. In this way, everyone benefits from reduced CO2 emissions, less energy consumption and an accelerated energy transition.

To speed up the energy transition, we rely on detectives who join us on the lookout for new energy-reduction projects.

As a reward for your efforts, for every project that goes online you are entitled to 1% of the total funding volume plus the project-specific rate of return.

What do you have to do?

Keep your eyes open. Talk to local companies, communities, associations, etc. about their energy-saving potential. If an interest is expressed – and, of course, permission is granted – send us an email with details regarding the project proposal using the subject lineEnergiedetektiv“.

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